Passionate about dance, particularly the Odissi style, Sudha Grover brings finesse and artistry to the telling of religious stories passed down from generations through her beautiful subtle movements. A well known exponent of Odissi - an ancient Indian classical dance - Sudha considers her forte to be "Abhinaya" or expression.

Sudha has performed extensively in both India and the U.S., where she has been residing for the last 30 years. Twenty years ago, she started the Sudhamini Dance Academy, to impart her knowledge of Indian dance to children of Indian immigrants who are being raised in this country. Today her dedication to the art form, her love for her students and the academy's success are an inspiration to many other dance teachers, her girls and the community.

Sudha Grover's teacher,Guru Harekrishna Behera was instrumental in spreading this dance form in India. Following in his footsteps, Sudha is one of the first to spread this dance style in the U.S. Sudha never thought that one day she would be teaching dance and running a successful dance academy. She has a Master's degree in Sociology and was planning a career in social welfare but her love for the arts kept pulling her in a different direction.

In 1985, Sudha introduced New Jersey to the Odissi dance form with an invitation to "An Evening of Odissi", her first show. Soon after, she launched her academy at the request of friends who wanted her to teach their children. Today, she has over a hundred students and her shows have become an annual event that her students and their parents look forward to.

Sudha is an extremely versatile and talent artiste. Apart from dance, she has hosted and written for a popular Indian television show called the Asian Variety Show (AVS) and is extremely well known in the Indian community.